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Borrowing small amounts happens a lot, a lot. A term such as borrowing 500 Euros is much more often sought. Then to larger amounts. People often look for direct money lending. The amount is actually needed the same day.

Yet this is not always wise. Borrowing small amounts can be much better by taking more time for this. For example, a mini loan is not always the right way to quickly borrow a small amount. In fact, this is actually the worst way to take out a small loan. How then? We are happy to tell you so that you can save a lot of money.

How can you best borrow small amounts?

How can you best borrow small amounts?

The best way to borrow small amounts is to either borrow privately, provided that you make good agreements. Or by taking out a regular revolving credit or a personal loan. For example with a revolving credit you can take out a higher credit limit. For example a limit of 5000 euros. Everything that you do not need for this amount can be left on deposit. You do not pay any interest or repayment on the amount that you leave on deposit.

The difference with borrowing money in the form of a mini loan is that you are much more economical in this form.
If you are afraid that you would be able to take up the deposit from your loan again, and as a result lend more than is actually necessary, it is best to have a voluntary blockade placed on your loan. This blockage ensures that you cannot withdraw from your loan, so there is no risk of withdrawing a larger balance than you actually wanted.

Where can you borrow small amounts?

Where can you borrow small amounts?

Given the method described above for a cheap loan, we recommend that you borrow these small amounts from providers such as Freo and / or Credit Competitor. These providers have affordable loans in the range with low interest rates.

You can therefore also take out a profitable revolving credit with these providers.

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