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Loans for unemployed credits are awarded by many lending institutions

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You get rid of your job from one day to the next, and then you have to be careful, if you decide on a new loan during unemployment, you have to be careful. Loans for unemployed credits are awarded by many lending institutions, so customers fulfill their desires even when no fortune remains in the business. However, credit institutions need different facts, without which lending is not possible. Conditions for granting credit include the age of majority, good Schufa information and a majority of working hours. Especially for installment loans to private individuals are a monthly, regular, regular pay, which is generated by a non-self-employment.

Some banks also assume that the employment relationship has been completed indefinitely and has existed for more than six months. Due to these conditions of the credit institutions, it is usually not possible for unemployed people to get loans as they do not have to pay a fee. Finally, both Unemployment Benefit I and II and Parental Allowance are not reported as income by credit institutions as they are time-limited and will be re-introduced at the end of the period.

Thus, the wage I paid in Germany depending on the age of the person concerned between one year and 18 months, in connection with the authorities take over only the remuneration I. However, this is only the basic security, which requires the personal attitude to life, loan interest can according to the Invoices of credit institutions are not covered.

The basis of these bills are the household lump sums of the credit institutions, which for a single with 650, each additional private individual is with 200,? calculated. This alone makes it clear that the unemployed can not make a loan application because their salary is insufficient to cover the standard of living and the rents and loan installments.

Conditions for the unemployed people to avail loans,

Conditions for the unemployed people to avail loans,

However, so that unemployed people can avail loans, there is the possibility of convincing a co-borrower as another borrower to take up the loan agreement. Like the main borrower, he is also responsible for paying the loan installments, as the principal bank can contact him immediately if the unemployed person can no longer meet his loan obligations.

Alternatively, a loan may be given to the unemployed if other securities are available that can be used by the central bank as an income substitute. Examples are an existing life insurance policy that can be pledged to the house bank or a registered land charge on a property that has a sufficient equivalence value as collateral.

Even if you think that the unemployed are always bad, this is not always the case. Anyone who already calls a paid home, this can very well as a collateral for an unemployed loan – and even there, the loan for unemployed introduce.

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